Philosophy: “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”

Vision Statement: For the sake of future generations, India Youth for Society is concerned to make every Indian responsible for maintaining the integrity of the environment as a whole-life system so that we can give our children a fresh air, clean water and long life as a gift, avoiding any kind of diseases.

Mission Statement: We are committed to ask for individuals’ effort to keep the city free from air & noise pollution, polythene prevention, and plastic reduction. We are also committed to learn and teach people waste management and proper use of water & energy.

No Honking 6

Heading IYFS Team is a matter of pride and honour for me to lead a group of committed young people for the better environment and public health. I am not a learned man but I have a passion for environmental protection. I am neither a scholar nor a schoolchild but I am sure of my message. It is a tough task for a man like me to talk about ‘environment’ in a growing economy. In addition to these, I preach road safety and civic sense. I am satisfied with the outcome of my work.

I do not hesitate to say that I have been learning and working for this noble cause. The team always enjoys learning about sustainability and conservative methods.   Volunteering as a family will surely bring good results. This is a clarion call for one and all to be active participant in the teamwork. 

Yes, volunteering IYFS is not only helps in doing good deeds but also develops various skills, opens doors for new career options, helps to make friends and garner new professional contacts.

IYFS, head quarters in Visakhapatnam have grown from few nominal members to 66 active and efficient group members including volunteers. IYFS has four principal organs: Executive Committee, Patrons Group, Working Committee, and Review Committee.

The other IYFS main offices are situated at Eluru, Guntur and Hyderabad. Soon we are to have our activities in Indore and Lucknow. Seeking all co-operation for reaching our goals

Anand Kumar Sontyana

President, India Youth For Society


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