Safety Means Alert on Road in Traffic  (SMART): This project is targeted to reduce the amount of traffic accidents in the city and their consequences by following the road safety measures. It aims to increase the safety level on local roads, encourage walking and bi-cycling in the city and improve the urban space. It focuses at reducing number of deaths and injuries caused by traffic and consequently decreasing the number of road accidents. Frequent accident data studies and analysis happen in IYFS to identify safety actions that are necessary to achieve improvements. Road safety implementation plan will be laid out and will be presented in the most effective way.

Make Each School Student Aware of  Green Environment (MESSAGE): MESSAGE, its full form tells us the purpose of this project. IYFS has began this initiative to help the students in Govt schools and create awareness in all aspects. Our purpose is based on “We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.” Secondly, the Society aimed to help the students in Municipal Schools.

Gandhian Ideology: To promote to spread ‘Gandhian Ideas’ in theory and in action. Diffuse full knowledge and create awareness on its utility to the present and future generations.

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