P4 to Plastic Free India

Through this campaign, wep4 logo colour combination aimed to sensitize people on reusing, reducing and eliminating the usage of disposable plastic items from their day to day lives. Through this P4 campaign we are gradually succeeding in lowering the amount of plastic-related harmful chemicals around us.

“The service is designed to reduce the requirement for the landfill disposal of plastics packaging waste, which until now, has been the option for country like India. Landfill disposal is already overburdened in Visakhapatnam City and subject to increasingly tight environmental legislation.

IMG_9915Direct Beneficiaries

The project would give a good platform for 110 rag pickers, 50 settled rag pickers and their families. This project will bring them a good price for their waste. Hopefully, 11 – 15 people would be employed directly. As a part of the project, it is aimed to launch a weekly mobile clinic for the rag pickers and nearby people.

They would have training about the plastics and hazardous waste handling and safety measures will be taught. Safe Sex & HIV counseling sessions are also planned for this community. Once the project makes business with them, there would be access to them. They don’t usually trust everyone.


Indirect Beneficiaries

Rivers, Seas & Mother Earth are also indirect beneficiaries as they would not get polluted wherever collection and reprocessing takes place. This PW Handling & Recycling Project will contribute to a cleaner local environment, maintaining pure surface and ground water, healthy soils, and clean air. Noteworthy, a clean local environment will immediately benefit the most vulnerable groups of society whose livelihoods often depend on the natural resources available locally .


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